Join filmmaker Robert Lundahl as he recalls his early trips to the desert as a child. One such memory helps pave the way to think of the desert the way he does, as a “oasis surrounded by a battleground.” It’s where the push for renewable energy threatens to wipe out Native American sacred sites that are thousands of years old.

Lundahl discovers there are hundreds geo-glyphs and petro-glyphs along the Colorado River and inland which are endangered due to utility scale energy development in the Mojave and Colorado deserts. And there are sacred lands and trails that have meaning to the cultures and tribes that are not protected and have been paved over even as they may be held in “trust” by the US Bureau of Land Management.

Native American elders tell us, we want power to the people, on rooftops and already degraded lands, not on pristine desert and Indian sacred sites.

The LA Times indicates, we are at a “Flashpoint” between competing value-systems. Bodies have been exhumed on the site and the area is a long-term indigenous landscape.

“Who Are My People?” depicts how the world’s most powerful energy firms, like Solar Millennium, have met their match in a small group of Native American elders, and how this controversy continues to boil over in the hottest desert on the planet.

The film takes us behind the scenes of two of the largest solar projects in the world, “fast tracked” by US renewable energy policies.

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